BC Covid-19: Public Health Orders and Ministerial Orders all in one place

To assist those societies who provide essential services and those individuals searching for this information, here are all Public Health Orders and Ministerial Orders in one place. Current to May 15, 2020. Public Health Orders These are stored on the BC Government’s Website. Orders of note include: Ban on Mass Gatherings (50 persons) – March 16, 2020; Mandatory self-isolation order for Travellers – March 17, 2020; Instructions to Owners and Operators of Nightclubs and Food Service Establishments – March 26, 2020; Instructions to Long Term Care Facilities – Movement Limitation…

Can a society “fine” its members? 2019 BCCRT 830: Tam v. Owners Association et al

When a Society may properly fine its members was raised before the Civil Resolution Tribunal, in the context of a rental pool arrangement and compulsory society membership in Whistler, BC. The case is Tam v. Evolution Owners’ Association et al, 2019 BCCRT 830 (CanLII).

Fraud sentence affirmed: R v. Dunkers, 2018 BCCA 363

Convicted fraudster Anita Dunkers has had her 2014 five year imprisonment and restitution sentence affirmed by the BC Court of Appeal. Ms. Dunkers was central to the fraud that brought down the Capital Families Association (“CFA”), a society and registered charity, leaving a gap in the social services and family assistance world in the Western Communities on Vancouver Island.