FOI Results: Materials and Presentations on the new Societies Act

Every so often, I file Freedom of Information (“FOI”) requests to obtain internal program materials which may be of use to BC Societies from the Registrar of Companies. The results contain presentations, quick reference sheets, and other useful documentation which may be of interest to those transitioning to the new Act.

Last year, I filed an FOI which resulted in:

  • Two presentations from the BC Government on the features of the New Act and the online registries system; and
  • Various “script” Q&A sheets with useful answers.

This year, I filed two FOIs, which resulted in no new information being found. It would appear that internally, the material and presentations used relating to the Act have not changed. In the interim, the Registry has posted a number of new Q&As and useful information on its website, available here.

Photograph by K2 SpaceUsed under a Creative Commons license.

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