Whether you’re transitioning a society, starting a new project, learning to manage volunteers, building capacity, or otherwise, here are some useful resources for you.

Societies Act

Representing your society or yourself in court

Free Services

Charitable Purposes

Volunteer Management and Engagement

  • Volunteers and the Law (2000), a publication of the People’s Law School
  • Volunteer provision and management organizations
    • Volunteer Victoria – A not-for-profit volunteerism organization servicing Greater Victoria
    • The Vantage Point – A not-for-profit leadership organization (formerly Volunteer Vancouver)

Robert’s Rules of Order

  • John Noonan is a Professional Registered Parliamentarian and an all-around impressive presenter and meeting parliamentarian. He is based in Vancouver but works throughout BC and Alberta. He provides various workshops as well.
  • Eli Mina is a Professional Registered Parliamentarian. He provides workshops on Robert’s Rules and effective meeting strategies, and has many books available on his website.
  • Jurassic Parliament – A company which operates a easy-to-navigate blog on the operation of Robert’s Rules of Order, and has many good resources on parliamentary procedure (if your society operates using Robert’s Rules).