Clarity from BC Corporate Registries on Community Gaming Funding

Photo by dvdmnk ( used under a Creative Commons license.

Limited clarity on how the transition process under the Societies Act will affect those organizations with community gaming grant funding has been provided by the BC Corporate Registry in an FAQ posted to its website.

The FAQ on the Registry‘s website states, for those societies interested in funding:

  • If a “basic” transition is made, where only the provisions from the constitution other than the name and purposes are moved to the bylaws, any previously unalterable provisions are marked as same, and the reporting societies provisions are added, a society will still be able to apply for community gaming grants;
  • If a society becomes “member-funded”, it will not be eligible for community gaming grants; and
  • If other amendments on transition are made, these may affect eligibility: there is no clear answer and the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development guidelines should be consulted.

The FAQ also states, for those societies receiving funding:

  • So long as societies which amend bylaws on transition continue to comply with the Ministry guidelines, they will be eligible; and
  • Member-funded societies are not eligible.

The FAQ provides a little clarity to an issue which directors, societies staff, and lawyers have discussed over the past several months.

Photo by dvdmnk, used under a Creative Commons License. No changes were made to the original. 

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